The Risk Of Revelation

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Under the title: “IDEAS THAT ARE WAY TOO DEEP FOR THE INTERNET”, I have to share with you these words excerpted from a private talk given by Rav Aryeh Kaplan to a few of his closest students, less than a year before he himself was taken from us:

“Kabbalah is a very dangerous thing. For one thing, you’re dealing with the most powerful antidote against evil that exists. The forces of evil resent this. They know that you’re the enemy and they’ll do anything to stop you. The Ari z”l passed away at the age of 37. Ramchal died at 39. Rebbi Nachman of Breslov also died before he reached 40. It seems that some of the greatest are taken away at a very early age. We’re talking about some of the greatest creative minds the world has ever seen… It is a very interesting phenomenon that, for some reason, Hashem takes away some of the greatest leaders and the greatest minds at such early ages. Why do people like this die so young?

It seems to me that it involves our battle with evil. Imagine you have these two battle lines—like in World War I—in which good and evil are pitted against one another. And really, good is much stronger than evil. Evil can’t make a frontal attack on good. But we stand there. We really hold it back very well. But there are some people who know that, for what the world really needs, they have to make forays out. They have to leave the trenches and actually go behind enemy lines, and try to do something that’s going to move the whole frontline. As long as we’re sitting in the trenches, we’re really much stronger than evil, but those special individuals who make the forays into the realm of evil to actually fight it and battle it, and try to change it, they’re the ones who are very vulnerable.

It’s not that evil is so strong, but that when any individual goes and really tries to lead the battle or to go further, he’s putting himself in a very dangerous situation. Every time we make a foray across enemy lines, we push evil back a little bit more. Maybe, because of what these individuals did, we are a lot closer to the final tikun than we think. We don’t know how close we are.”

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  • N/A says:
    November 29, 2013 at 10:42 am

    WHOA! like maybe G-d is everywhere and part of “evil” and everything is one and there really are no two sides and we all pray to achieve whatever G-d brought our soul to do whether “good” or “bad” cause it’s all from G-d. WHOA, what a concept! and like falling and rising are all from Hashem.. WHOA!! no need to be afraid of it and live in fallen fears but if you do have a fear maybe talk to G-d about it and He will reveal the way to you to/through Him and see that everything is G-d including yourself with the “Good” and “evil”…. Just a thought..


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